Poem, Oct 2019

I. Summit‍

‍We stop to watch the view.

Small movement

grasshopper on the rock
animates the void

Drawing the white foam of the waves

I, the scribe

Wake of the boat

Road, black

Trees shaking their branches
over the rocks

Occurring too fast

Totem: white wall of the museum; center, or home of the dispossessed; place of lineage; place of ultimate stillness

II. Descent

‍Earthworm on the forest floor

quivering between
over and under
out and in

I, too,

Squeezed in the comfort of corners in the forest ‍ and out again, over the rocks

I, over

under the cover of over

We stopped to talk of the tree branches twisting and shouldering around each other for light, their forms shaped by this migration from the forest floor

Not one but a series, generations moving upward

Back then the world was not a world of material.
Anything could happen there. And when the earthquakes came, those people
sank into the deepest terror imaginable; it was more than just shaking in their bodies

Rain falls: shiver

f: floor; firm footing; the sound of contact

I: the mark in the sheets of paper; place of self; place of ultimate stillness; totem

o: home; notebook; reverberating sound of the interior

sc: squirming; scratching; sound of the scribe

From below, he waved us down to join

III. House

like a cornered animal
he fought

but each of us backed to our last wall
facing out