Minimal / Brutal
Minimal / Brutal

Minimalism is saying only the necessary things, and is motivated by deference and grace. Brutalism is not saying at all, and is motivated by fear and severity. Minimalism is a good thing, but it can become its own indulgence. It should guide form, but shouldn’t become an end.

Use of half-contrasts, like restricting text to a certain size to appear understated, is like an Instagram filter: it can be a legitimate way to communicate a meaning, but more often than not it’s fluff. Likewise, removing conventions to construct a page more minimally isn’t genius.

Minimal / Brutal sit on the same axis as
Respectful / Austere
Restrained / Repressed
Disciplined / Tyrannized
Humorous / Perverse
Decisive / Willful
Light / Starved

San Ramon
May 2021