I’m an independent designer, artist, and writer.
Hiking in Acadia. Photo by Mila Dorji.
I work on a wide array of visual and verbal material on websites, products, and design systems. You can check out my selected work, or you can read about my thinking:
The earliest thing I remember doing is drawing. In high school, I discovered painting, which became my focus at Yale. Since then, I’ve picked up photography and started to delve into the world of generative art.
Poetry and essay writing have been no less important to me than my other pursuits. My ultimate goal is to become a writer. If you like my other work, check out my featured writing — you might find something of value.
Contact Me
I’m always ready to listen to a good pitch. If you want to work with me, send a message to work@miles.kim. For more personal messages, try letters@miles.kim.
That’s enough for here... but if you’d like to know more about my interests, my history, and my life, I have a lot piled up in my attic.
Making animation frames. Photo by Mila Dorji.
With my —mates. Photo by Luke Mobley.